About Hotel

Merlin Hotel Seoul located in the Jung-gu district of Seoul, South Korea. The hotel is situated at 45, Jungnim-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, which is about a 10-minute walk from Seoul Station.

Seoul Station is a major transportation hub that provides access to various subway lines, including Line 1, Line 4, and Line KTX, which is a high-speed train line that connects Seoul to other cities in South Korea. You can also access the Airport Railroad Express (AREX) from Seoul Station, which provides direct service to Incheon International Airport.

In summary, the nearest train station to the Merlin Hotel Seoul is Seoul Station, which provides access to various subway lines and the Airport Railroad Express.

Myeongdong Merlin Hotel is only a 10-minute walk from Namsan Korean Hanok Village which features numerous dining options and cultural spots. Dongdaemun Market, Korea’s biggest shopping area and Namdaemun are a 5-minute drive away.

Jung-Gu is a great choice for travellers interested in shopping for cosmeticsshopping and shopping for clothes.

This property is also rated for the best value in Seoul! Guests are getting more for their money when compared to other properties in this city.

Here are some things that are often mentioned as the best features of the Merlin Hotel Seoul:

  1. Location: The hotel is located in the heart of Seoul, which makes it convenient for exploring the city’s top attractions, dining options, and shopping areas.
  2. Modern amenities: The hotel is equipped with modern amenities such as flat-screen TVs, air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, and a fitness center, making it a comfortable and convenient place to stay.
  3. Friendly staff: Many guests appreciate the friendly and helpful staff at the Merlin Hotel Seoul, who are often described as accommodating and attentive to guests’ needs.
  4. Rooftop bar: The hotel has a rooftop bar with a panoramic view of the city, providing a great place to relax and enjoy a drink after a long day of exploring.
  5. Value for money: The hotel is often described as offering good value for money, with reasonable rates for the quality of the accommodations and amenities.